Boom Street set to receive early release on Wii

Nintendo has announced that its new Wii board game experience Boom Street is set to receive an earlier-than-expected launch at the end of the month. The family-friendly title was originally due to be released at the start of next year, but will now be hitting stores on December 28th 2011 instead, allowing players to make an early start on its addictive finance-themed gameplay. Similar to the classic Monopoly, Boom Street sees players manoeuvring around the board to purchase properties and develop their portfolio, but ups the ante with stock market and investment options. Multiple players can compete using the same console by sharing one Wii Remote as they seek to improve their net worth the fastest, while full online play is also supported. The new game also features the stars of the Super Mario and Dragon Quest franchises, allowing fans to select their favourite characters and explore boards based on locations such as Starship Mario and Alltrades Abbey. Mario will soon be starring in another board game experience in Mario Party 9, which is also scheduled for release on Wii next year.
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Release Date: 23/12/2011