Boiling Point: Road to Hell (PC)

Boiling Point: Road to Hell is set in the intense tropical heat of the South American jungle, where players take Saul Meyers, a decorated Legionnaire, way beyond the limit of any man's patience. Saul has reached his point of no return - his life threatened, his family compromised – he's a desperate man, ready to take matters to the ultimate extreme to protect the life of his daughter, Lisa.


  • Driving Me Crazy
    Boiling Point: Road to Hell totally immerses players in the South American jungle, an experience which is achieved in a number of ways, with one major aspect being the range of vehicles available to players. There are taxis, civilian vehicles, military vehicles, helicopters, planes and boats; all of which can be used for travel or conflict and all within a seamless environment bigger than the city of Chicago.
  • Taxi!
    Tired of having to walk everywhere? Then why not hail a taxi to make things a little easier. Of course, it will cost a few pesos, but they can always be earned back by running a few errands. Alternatively, players can choose to save their pesos to take a driving test, then buy their own vehicle rather than rely on tracking down a cab on a rainy night in the jungle.
  • Stop, Thief!
    There is always the possibility that more criminally minded players might decide to specialise in stealing and selling vehicles, but the consequences may not be as favourable as they had hoped. Remember, this is the South American jungle and sometimes people take the law into their own hands... Before stealing vehicles, players should also check they have a full fuel tank. It's no good stealing a tank only to discover that it doesn't even have enough fuel to leave the military compound!

    All the road vehicles have their own unique handling, and players will need to refuel and repair them when needed to keep them on the road. Vehicles can also be used for storing and transporting extra weapons and equipment, a feature which players will find very useful.
  • Flying High
    Boiling Point: Road to Hell also gives players the opportunity to fly helicopters and planes between different points within the seamless environment. Of course, players may choose to use the military helicopters for different purposes than just flying; there might be a grudge that needs settling...
  • We Are Sailing
    Well, not exactly sailing, rather being propelled through the piranha infested waters in one of the various boats available to players, including speed boats and larger patrol craft. Boiling Point: Road to Hell has all the vehicles that players would expect from a game set in the South American jungle and it is up to the player how they use the vehicles and which method they choose to get them, legal or otherwise.
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Release Date: 20/05/2005