Bodycount blasts its way into UK stores

Codemasters has reminded gamers that its explosive new shooter Bodycount is exploding its way on to UK shop shelves this week.

The old-school arcade-style action game is designed to hark back to a previous era when shooters were over-the-top, chaotic and packed with mayhem, allowing players to rip through hordes of enemies with a vast arsenal of weapons.

It casts players in the role of an agent for the mysterious Network, who are embroiled in a power struggle with the equally enigmatic Target, an enemy manipulating global events using civil warzones as a cover.

Players will travel to locales such as Asia and Africa as they shred their way through fully destructible environments, unlocking upgrades and extra abilities by pulling off stylish skill kills or racking up combos.

Solo mode amps up the replayability by challenging players to achieve high scores and compare them online, while a range of cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are also on offer.

Bodycount is available now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and also features a score by the acclaimed composer Mick Kiely to immerse players in the heart of the action.

SKU: News-148358
Release Date: 02/09/2011