BLOPENS Rainbow (Scribblers)

Kids love BLOPENS as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects! The unique 3 in 1 pen holder can help you create lovely rainbow effects by mixing and matching the colourful pens inside.

Before you start
BLOPENS are not messy but the spray can drift beyond the stencils. It is best to wear an apron, cover the work area, furniture and carpets with old newspaper. Stains on skin and most clothing can be removed with soap. Take breaks between using the pens to avoid continuous blowing. The mouthpieces are washable and interchangeable. Rinse out after use. They are completely safe for children to use with non-toxic ink.

Prepare the stencils
Ask an adult to help remove the pieces from the stencils by using a pen or pencil and pushing the smallest pieces out first. Any pieces that are stuck can be gently twisted out.

How to use mini BLOPENS
  • BLOPENS come with their tops on for storage.
  • Remove the mouthpiece and choose 3 pen colours. Insert as shown ensuring the tips are pushed full into the end. Replace the mouthpiece.
  • Position the tips of the pens very close to your paper and BLOW through the mouthpiece whist moving the sprayer in seeping motion.
  • To store pens and prevent them from drying out, replace the lids firmly.
  • SKU: 840841-product
    Release Date: 22/03/2024