BLOPENS Glitter Studio (Scribblers)

The Blo Pens Glitter Studio lets you colour and create decorations as well as make a beautiful butterfly mobile. The easel has lots of storage for your pens and glitters so that you have a mess-free work area.

To use Blo Pens simply put one of the stencils onto a sheet of paper, blow through your pen and see your pictures appears with amazing airbrush effects. Add the glitter for extra sparkly details and shimmer.

  • 4 x Glitter tubes
  • 5 Blo Pens
  • 3 Flowers
  • 8 Stencils
  • 1 x Glitter holder
  • 1 x Butterfly mobile
  • 1 x Glue Pen
  • SKU: 840842-product
    Release Date: 22/03/2024