Blokus (Toys and Gadgets)

Blokus is a fascinating strategy game for the whole family based on very simple rules that take less than minute to learn. Yet it has depth to challenge both experts and beginners.

Each player chooses a colour and is given a set of 21 pieces. Players take turns placing pieces on to the board, each starting from the corner of thier colour.

Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same colour, but only at the corners! Pieces of the same colour can not contact along an edge. There are no restrictions on how pieces of different colours may touch each other.

The goal is to cover as much of the board with your pieces as possible.

Be tactical! Blockade your opponents while expanding your own territory! The game ends when none of the players can fit a piece on to the board. And the winner is the player for whom the total area of his/her remaining pieces is the lowest.

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