Bioshock Infinite action figures revealed

Major action figure producer NECA Toys has announced it will be releasing a series of figures based on the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. The toyline will launch in January with two toys - one of Elizabeth, the psychic AI companion who accompanies the player as they explore the airborne city of Columbia, and one of an enemy type known as the Boys of Silence. Dressed in twee Victorian-style clothing and a sealed brass helmet with two enormous trumpets emerging from each side, he's one of the strangest - and most eerie - things you're ever likely to see.

The toys arrive in advance of the game which is due in March, giving you several months to make up your own Bioshock Infinite adventures on your bedroom floor with all the "pew pew" sound effects you can muster.

NECA is no stranger to turning games into toys. The company has also produced detailed plastic playthings based on Portal, Gears of War, Borderlands, Castlevania, Dead Space and many more.

Bioshock Infinite launches on March 26th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

SKU: News-196824
Release Date: 20/12/2012