Beyblade X Official Winder Launcher (Childrens Toys)

Experience the thrill of the next generation of Beyblade tops, Beyblade X.

The Beyblade X Winder Launcher will aid you in your quest for Beymastery. The authentic Takara Tomy-designed Beyblade X Winder Launcher works with the X-Celerator Gear System to level up your game and prove it in battle!

When the gear of a Beyblade X top engages the X-Celerator Rail of a Beystadium (both sold separately), it can super-accelerate into an Xtreme Dash rocketing it around the arena for crushing collisions and epic bursts. Pull the 10" (20cm) ripcord of your tournament-grade Winder Launcher to unleash your top in a frenzy of fury.

Bladers launch their top against their opponent’s scoring points with each confrontation – first to 4 points wins. Mix and match the interchangeable blade, ratchet, and bit with the layers of other Beyblade X tops to create your own unsurpassable Bey. Hasbro Beyblade toys with authentic Takara Tomy die-cast metal tops make great kids gifts for boys and girls ages 8 and up.

PREPARE FOR LAUNCH: The Beyblade X Winder Launcher is an official tournament-grade right-spin launcher with a 10" (25cm) ripcord to get your gears in motion

GET A GRIP: The Takara Tomy-designed Winder Launcher fits comfortably in your hand, and the ringed handle of the ripcord provides an easy grip for all your biggest battles

PROVE IT IN BATTLE!: Beyblade X brings the thrill of competition with a fast-paced, spinning top battle toy that challenges aspiring Beymasters to level up their game. Assemble your top, load your launcher, and 3-2-1 Let it rip! (Beyblade X Beystadium and tops required to play, sold separately)

SPEED INTO HIGH GEAR: Beyblade X introduces the X-Celerator Gear System. When the gears of the bit and stadium X-Celerator Rail meet, tops rocket forward in an Xtreme Dash reaching intense speeds (Only compatible with the Beyblade X System)

COLLIDE WITH EPIC BURSTS: The terrific speeds of Beyblade X tops riding the rail allow for breathtaking bursts and colossal crashes (Burst rates vary)

3 EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE PIECES: The interchangeable blade, ratchet, and bit layers of Beyblade X tops assemble and reassemble with a quick twist and two clicks leaving you ready to launch into battle (tops sold separately)

COMPETE IN DIGITAL BATTLES: Parents, scan code on your Beyblade X toy top to take your game to the next level and prove it in battle! Compete in the Beyblade X app to unleash your top in a virtual battle with other Bladers worldwide!

SKU: 841535-product
Release Date: 13/07/2024