Below: Special Edition (PlayStation 4)

Below is a procedural terrarium filled with life mystery and death.

Test your mettle against "the isles" subterranean labyrinths.

Explore an interconnected underworld crawling with cunning wildlife and deadly traps while stalked by a shadowy presence.

Survive the perils of the depths and unearth what lies below.....or die trying
  • Below embraces the idea that enjoy discovering secret areas, finding hidden passageways and unravelling the deepest mysteries hidden in the darkness
  • Choice of modes - with survival mode and exploration mode, below has something appealing for players looking for an extreme challenge and for those who want a somewhat less extreme experience
  • In 'the depths' death is around every corner and there are many ways to create life-saving remedies or useful survival tools
  • Choose your path through the labyrinth which is crawling with deadly monsters and traps - death awaits at every false step
  • SKU: 829469-product
    Release Date: 27/06/2023