Bayonetta 2 hailed by disabled gamer's charity

Bayonetta 2 hailed by disabled gamer's charity

Bayonetta 2 on WiiU at

It may be a deep and fast-paced melee combat game, but Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 has been named Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year by charity AbleGamers, which campaigns for more games to include options for gamers with disabilities.

“Bayonetta 2 pulls out all the stops for accessible game design while staying true to their creative vision,” said the charity. It went on to describe the game as “a near perfect example of game accessibility”.

Among the features that earned the Platinum Games release such praise were “a plethora of options” for controlling the game using the WiiU GamePad, Pro Controller and GamePad touch screen in any combination. It was also praised for its “astonishing graphics” that were nevertheless “carefully crafted to not impede the enjoyment of the game for those with colourblindness”.

“Bayonetta 2 stands out among other accessible mainstream games by paying careful attention to user friendly game experience. The inclusion of a one-button combat mode creates an experience other character action titles should implement. As a proof of concept, this game demonstrates that accessibility can be implemented into a mainstream AAA game without harming any of the gameplay.”

Bayonetta 2 is available now for Wii U. The package also includes the original Bayonetta game.

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Release Date: 08/01/2015