Battlefield Vietnam (PC)

Cue the Rolling Stones' 'Paint it Black', as Digital Illusions' squad-based multiplayer shooter Battlefield has gone all 1960's on us. In keeping with current trends, the latest instalment of the popular PC series takes us deep into the jungle for an all-new dose of warfare action based on theatres of the Vietnam War.

As such, the game continues in true Battlefield style, offering a host of new campaigns, weapons and commandable vehicles, all set in a range of beautiful yet ferocious Vietnamese environments. Some of the war's fiercest battles have been recreated, plunging you into encounters ranging from the jungles surrounding the Ho Chi Minh trail to the city streets of Hue. As you would expect, you get to fight alongside either of the two opposing nations - the United States or the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Vietcong.

As is always the case with Battlefield titles, one of the key elements to the gameplay is in the use of a wide range of authentic vehicles. In this case, the main new addition to the proceedings is the helicopter, which was the main workhorse vehicle for the US Army throughout the actual conflict and also serves the same purpose in Battlefield Vietnam. As well as this, you can also get your hands around the controls of a range of Russian-made vehicles, such as the T-54 tank and the Mig-21 jet, as well as take advantage of an assortment of new gameplay features that allow you to carry out such manoeuvres as fire from moving vehicles and airlift other vehicles with the helicopter.

With the usual support for up to 64-way multiplayer action via a LAN or the Internet, coupled with the introduction of revamped rendering and sound engines, Battlefield Vietnam represents a fine addition to the series. So don that flak jacket, grab your M-16, and try not to be tempted by any of the US government's experimental drugs!
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Release Date: 19/03/2004