Battlefield: Bad Company to become a TV show

Many are the games that have tried to crossover to the big screen, but few succeed. Not many have tried to crack the TV market, though, at least outside of animated shows like Pokémon and Sonic.

That could all change, as word comes from Hollywood that EA has joined forces with the FOX network to create an hour-long "action comedy" show based on the Battlefield: Bad Company games. The pilot script, by Alias screenwriter John Eisendrath, follows the same characters as the games as they strike out as private military contractors, even as a shadowy government agency tries to have them killed.

The first Bad Company game was released in 2008, with an even better sequel in 2010. Both were praised for their irreverent approach to the military FPS genre, and their witty banter between characters. Both EA and developer DICE will co-produce the show with Adam Sandler's Happy Madison company.

Does this mean that a Bad Company 3 will be coming our way soon? EA isn't saying, but Battlefield 4 is definitely on its way. Everyone who buys Medal of Honor: Warfighter, out later this month for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, will automatically be invited to play the Battlefield 4 beta trial in 2013.

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Release Date: 09/10/2012