Battlefield 4 may allow multiplayer transfer between generations

One of the hurdles of launching a new console generation is that the big games that release around the same time can find themselves divided between players still using their old console and those who have upgraded to the shiny next model. With multiplayer games, which have really only come into their own on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it's an important issue.

Take Battlefield 4, for example. It launches on November 1st for the current console generation, but will also be out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon after. What happens when a player takes the plunge to switch to a new console - is all their multiplayer progress on the previous console lost forever?

Hopefully not, is the message from Battlefield developer DICE. In an interview with multiplayer-focused website MP1st, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, the studio's general manager claims that the developer has "...just started having this discussion, so this is not settled yet. But we have heard that - I don't know if this came from inside or outside of DICE - but that is being discussed."

Much will depend on what SONY and Microsoft will allow the consoles to do in terms of software compatibility though. "It might not be entirely up to us," Troedsson cautions. "We have to wait and see how first-parties see this."

Still, it's good to know that the big shooter studios are aware of the potential issue and are already thinking their way around it.

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Release Date: 18/06/2013