Battlefield 1942: WW2 Anthology (PC)

The Complete Battlefield 1942 Collection

Choose a weapon and blast your way through the entire Battlefield 1942 trilogy. From the award-winning original to the all-out firefights of both hit Expansion Packs, this is the most intense WWII combat to ever hit your PC.

Battlefield 1942 WWII Anthology Includes:
  • Battlefield 1942 - the groundbreaking original.
  • Two Hit Expansion Packs: Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome & Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
  • Massive 64-player battles online with 35 maps and 66 vehicles.
  • Bonus maps include Coral Sea, Operation Aberdeen, The Battle of Britain, Invasion of the Philippines, Liberation of Caen, and Raid on Agheila.
  • Map Editor and Mod Development Toolkit - design your own battlefields.
SKU: 174581-product
Release Date: 03/09/2004