Batman: Arkham City receives fresh DLC this week

Batman: Arkham City receives fresh DLC this week

Batman: Arkham City fans can expand their superhero experience with the launch of new downloadable content packs this week for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The first of these new DLC packages is the Arkham Bundle, which includes the previously released Nightwing Bundle Pack, Robin Bundle Pack and the Arkham City Skins Pack in a single download.

With this bonus content, fans can play as Batman's sidekicks Nightwing and Robin in the game's challenge maps, or choose different looks for the Dark Knight himself.

Meanwhile, the Challenge Map Pack adds three extra arenas to challenge mode, including the Joker's Carnival, the Iceberg Lounge and the brand new Batcave level.

Warner Bros Interactive and Rocksteady Studios have also released an additional in-game costume, the Batman Inc Batsuit skin, as a free download this week to thank fans for their support.

Game director Sefton Hill also revealed a special cheat code as a bonus - by pressing left, left, down, down, left, left, right, up, up and down on the main menu screen, players can select alternative Batman skins without needing to complete the game first.
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Release Date: 23/12/2011