Batman: Arkham City map pack out in December

Batman: Arkham City map pack out in December

A new batch of challenge arenas are to be added to Batman: Arkham City on December 20th 2011.

Warner Bros Interactive and Rocksteady Studios have confirmed via the game's official Twitter page that the new content pack will include an all-new stage based on Batman's high-tech base of operations, the Batcave.

It will also include the Joker's Carnival arena and a map set in the Iceberg Lounge, the Gotham City nightclub operated by the villainous Penguin.

This is the latest in a series of add-ons released for Batman: Arkham City, with last week's Robin Bundle Pack allowing fans to play as the Boy Wonder himself, Tim Drake.

Arkham City has proven to be one of the year's most acclaimed games, as well as achieving chart-topping success when the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions were released last month.

The game is now also available on PC, with another version planned for Nintendo's new console the Wii U.

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Release Date: 28/11/2011