Avengers Mech 8-inch Incredible Mech Suit Hulk (Merchandise)

Giant-sized Hulk is unbeatable in his powerful Mech Strike armor.

Mechs assemble! In the face of an overwhelming threat, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have assembled a powerful new set of tools! These incredible Mech Suits are the planet’s best hope against seemingly insurmountable odds! Get in on the armored fun with Avengers Mech Strike figures and gear. Each Mech Strike toy is inspired by a different character from the Marvel universe.

The fantastic world of Marvel features heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk. With Avengers-inspired toys, fans and collectors can imagine their favorite characters fighting in epic battles to protect the universe.
MECH STRIKE! Fearless Hulk steps into specially built armor designed to meet and beat the villain Infinity Mech Suit Thanos. Join Hulk as he Mechs Up for catastrophic combat with his fellow Avengers!

MECH STRIKE DEPLOY! The Avengers created their own Mech Suits to meet the staggering threat of Infinity Mech Suit Thanos. Will these enhanced tools be enough for the Avengers to conquer armor-activated Thanos?

COLLECT MORE MECH: Look out for more Avengers toys that make great gifts for boys and girls, including Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk figures! Each sold separately. Subject to availability.
SKU: 824579-product
Release Date: 28/09/2022