Aura: Fate of the Ages (PC)

Great power and immortality await those who possess the sacred rings.

Legends say that through the ages, the elders have passed down the secret of creating parallel worlds and alternate realities of magical rigs which when combined with sacred artifacts will grant the bearer unlimited power and immortality.

Take on the quest to guard the magical rings and discover the artifacts concealed in the unique and visually stunning worlds. In this timeless tale of good versus evil, begin a journey of exploration into magical lands filled with astonishing, mechanical wonders, and hidden realities.

The Fate of The Ages is in your hands...


  • Open new doors to enchanted parallel universes
  • Explore 4 distinct realities of unimaginable beauty
  • Travel on fantastical vessels
  • Interact with a vast and interesting cast of characters
  • Solve puzzles indigenous to the many environments
SKU: 172742-product
Release Date: 27/08/2004