Audio Environment General Aviation Edition for FSX (PC)

Flight 1’s ‘Environment’ range of titles for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series have been “must-have” add-ons for anyone who takes their flight simulation seriously. New clouds, new sea and water effects and ground textures that have won countless awards and taken people’s breath away.

Now there comes an upgrade for Flight Simulator X that will blow your ears off! Audio Environment totally transforms your flying experience: whether you’re sitting on the ground listening to the aircraft around you or en-route at 30,000ft, FSX will sound like an all-new sim. Hear the difference as you start the engines, with realistic spool-up and whine and feel the deep roar as you thunder down the runway!


  • Eight Aircraft and Helicopters.
  • Powerful thunderstorm effects as you hear the storm clouds around you.
  • Full FSX 3D sound cones as you pan around the aircraft.
SKU: 251692-product
Release Date: 25/05/2012