Asus ROG Ally Handheld Gaming Console (PC)

You can play ROG Ally RC71L at anytime – whether it is Me time, We time, or Pro time.

Use the Gaming handheld mode during Me time, sink deep into your favourite AAA or indie games and watch the hours melt away with an expansive Full HD 120Hz display and incredibly comfortable ergonomics.

You can use ROG Ally as your home entertainment system for We time. Share the fun by connecting to a TV and pairing multiple controllers, instantly transforming the Ally into a formidable sofa multiplayer console.

For a truly top-tier experience, pair the Ally for Pro time, with an XG Mobile external GPU, monitor, mouse, and keyboard for esports and high-fidelity 4K gaming.

Game Library
Multiple libraries, one device. The ROG Ally is fully compatible with Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Epic, GOG, and more, ensuring that no matter where you buy your games, you can play them on the Ally.

Command Center

For effortless control of your experience in-game, Command Center is just one tap away. Change performance modes, see real-time monitoring data, enable an FPS limiter, and more with one quick toggle.

Every button on a handheld gaming device is precious, and we know that not every gamer plays the same way. So we made sure that you can remap and customise the buttons to suit your particular taste. Two additional paddles on the rear of the Ally can be used as in-game buttons or as modifiers to unlock even more options.

Ryzen Processor
AMD’s brand new Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor powers this incredible gaming machine. Built on the cutting edge 4nm process, this silicon features both the Zen 4 architecture and brand new RDNA 3 graphics.

Windows Hello
Log in to the Ally quickly and securely with a Windows Hello fingerprint reader integrated with the power button, no PIN required. If you accidentally leave your Ally unattended, your data is secure.

Parental Control 
For younger users, parents can limit app or screen time, see spending summaries, and track their kids’ locations with powerful parental controls.

Windows Defender 
Windows Defender provides robust security for your device, with constantly updated antivirus and malware protection.

ROG Dust Filter 
Dust filters cover both air intake vents, keeping foreign debris out of the fans. Less dust means more efficient and quiet cooling for years to come.

0.1mm Ultra-Thin Fins 
Thermal energy is dissipated by two heatsinks, each lined with ultra-thin aluminium fins as slim as 0.1mm. Higher density fins allow for increased heat dissipation and lower air resistance for smoother flow.

The gaming handheld includes 3-month free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Play over 100 high-quality games with friends on your PC, console, phone or tablet. With games added all the time, there’s always something new to play.

*Terms and exclusions apply. Visit for more information.
Game catalog varies over time, by region, and by device. See and, for details. Xbox Cloud Gaming: Streaming limits apply. 
Requires compatible controller (sold separately), supported device and Xbox Game Pass app; see system requirements. System requirements vary by game; performance scales with higher-end systems.
SKU: 839564-product
Release Date: 15/03/2024