Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Collector's Ed (Xbox Series X)

Welcome to Aphes – a city-state full of magic and wonder inspired by ancient Rome and classical Greek designs. From the mist-covered bazaar streets to gloomy sewers, the enigmatic forests at the city’s outskirts to deep chasms full of glittering crystals, the landscapes of Aphes are full of beauty and dangers.

The Collector´s Edition includes:
  • Physical “Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Deluxe Edition” game.
  • A stunning exclusive 260-page 17 cm x 15 cm Premium Artbook.
  • The Official Complete Soundtrack of the game in 2 CDs.
  • A Collector´s Tuck-in Box housing all the contents.

  • Physical Deluxe Edition content: Call of the Paragons DLC included in-disc:
    When the event of Trinity is near, the restless spirits of Aphes Paragons become disturbed and the rifts to Phantasma open across the whole city. Hilda must rise up to the challenge and prove to be the Heroine that determines the fate of Aphes.
  • New area to explore: Phantasma.
  • 7 new boss encounters.
  • New weapon modding system.
  • New outfit: Paragon Armor.
  • Dive deeper into the myth of Aphes.
  • Key Features:
  • Explore the magnificent city of Aphes inspired by classical Greek designs and unveil the truth behind the city’s curse.
  • Battle more than 60 different enemies and encounter 22 bosses in the main story and side quests.
  • Combine and change your weapons on the go. Equip two different types of weapon at once and become unpredictable in combat.
  • Decide the fate of Aphes. Every decision you make in Asterigos matters and will affect the story.
  • Find over 100 collectables, complete numerous side quests, and forge your destiny in the New Game+ mode.
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    Release Date: 18/08/2023