Arkham City prequel to feature Justice League?

Arkham City prequel to feature Justice League?

Rocksteady are planning another game in their massively successful Batman Arkham games. But rather than a sequel to Arkham City, this new game will be a prequel. And this time, Batman won't be alone...

According to Hollywood bible Variety, Batman will be joined by some of DC Comics biggest super hero characters including Superman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. The plot details suggest the film will be set in the period where Batman first fought the Joker, and the formation of super-team the Justice League.

The report goes on to say we won't see this game until 2014 "at the earliest", which has led to speculation that it may appear on the next generation of consoles.

For those who want to see Batman team with his super-friends to take on the Joker before then, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes will let you do just that, with a bit more fun injected. The DC heroes and villains will next be seen in brawler Injustice: Gods Amongst Us.

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Release Date: 12/07/2012