Aqua Gelz Magical Mermaidz (Make Your Own Toys)

CREATE YOUR OWN MESMERISING MERMAIDS: Aqua Gelz are magical liquids that transform into colourful, super fun, squishy creations! Use the moulds to make your own mermaids, squishy shapes and sea creatures.

MIX THE MAGIC POWDER & MAKE THEM SPARKLE: Mix the powder with water, squeeze the Aqua Gelz liquid into the supplied moulds and sprinkle with magic dust to make them glitter!

SET IN THE SPECIAL SOLUTION: Place the tray into the solution tank and watch as your creation transforms and starts to pops out of the mould!

FIRM UP YOUR AQUA GELZ: Leave in the solution for a further 5 minutes to set. Leave in a little longer to firm up, for a more solid Aqua Gelz creation. Once set, you can play with your creation!

This set allows you to make over 36 Aqua Gelz! Show off your squishy creations in the reusable deluxe display tank!
SKU: 840847-product
Release Date: 22/03/2024