Apple Watch Series 3 38mm Space Grey Refurb (Phones)

Apple Watch Series 3, 38mm, Space Grey (Refurbished)

  • Three rings. One goal.
  • Fall Detection.
  • Third-party health apps.
  • Keep tabs on your heart rate. Anytime.
  • Always ready for the pool or ocean.

  • Please Note: This product is refurbished.
    GPS and altimeter. See how far and high you go.
    Built-in GPS records the distance, speed and route of your outdoor workouts. And an altimeter tracks elevation during your hilliest rides and highest climbs. When you get home, check your iPhone for even more detailed stats — if you’re so inclined.

    Always ready for the pool or ocean.
    Apple Watch Series 3 is swimproof and tracks both pool and open-water workouts. After you’re done, sound vibrations eject water from the speaker.

    Keep tabs on your heart rate. Anytime.
    Apple Watch Series 3 measures your heart rate throughout the day — while you’re resting, walking or in the recovery phase after a workout. The Heart Rate app also notifies you if your heart rate rises above a set threshold when you’ve been inactive for a 10-minute period.

    Apple Heart Study.
    The Apple Heart Study will use data from Apple Watch to identify irregular heart rhythms, including those from potentially serious heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation. This innovative research study is conducted in collaboration with Stanford Medicine and with helpful guidance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

    Breathe App. Quiet your mind. Relax your body.
    Stay centered as a beautiful animation and gentle taps guide you through a series of deep breaths. Reminders help you practice mindfulness every day. And you can see your heart rate when you’ve finished with your session.

    Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise.
    Three simple rings show how active you are every day and can inspire you to move more to close them. See if you’ve been sitting too much. Track how many steps you’ve taken and calories you’ve burned. And aim for 30 minutes of exercise, even if it’s not all at once.

    Smart coaching. A nudge when you need it.
    Like a personal trainer, Apple Watch Series 3 gives you the motivation you need. In the morning you’ll see personalized progress updates, and in the evening you’ll get a suggestion for how to close your rings..

    Third-party health apps.
    The right apps can play an active role in reminding you to keep up with healthy regimens and routines. Whether you want to drink more water, improve your sleep or better manage a condition like diabetes, Apple Watch Series 3 lets you add the apps that will help most.

    Noise can rise to levels that may impact your hearing without your even realizing it.
    The new Noise app senses when the roar of the crowd or the rumble of machinery reaches a level that may pose a risk.

    Take a breather.
    Taking moments throughout the day to stop, relax and practice mindfulness can help reduce stress and improve overall health. The Breathe app keeps you centered by leading you through a series of calming breaths. It’s also available as a watch face, so you can bring focus to your day just by raising your wrist.

    Fall Detection.
    Apple Watch Series 5 can detect that you’ve fallen. When an incident like this occurs, a hard fall alert is delivered, and you can easily initiate a call to emergency services or dismiss the alert. If you’re unresponsive after 60 seconds, the emergency call will be placed automatically. Your emergency contacts will then be notified and sent your location.

    Three rings. One goal.
    Understanding all the ways you move throughout the day is an essential part of living a healthy life. Apple Watch shows your daily movement as three simple metrics: Move, Exercise and Stand. Together they make up the Activity rings that track your progress all day long. But Apple Watch doesn’t just show you how you’re doing, it also keeps you going with motivation from personal coaching, awards and Activity Competitions. It’s everything you need to stay fired up to close your rings every day of the year.
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    Release Date: 01/06/2021