App Gear Foam Fighters (Styles May Vary) (Toys and Gadgets)

AppGear Foam Fighters is a collectible line of small foam airplanes that can take to the skies in the real and digital worlds. Each mobile application game includes a free downloadable App and 2 flying, full-colour fighter planes…App and Away with Foam Fighters!

Fly into Action
Take to the skies with WWII fighter planes for immersive aerial combat. Strap in for fast-paced action and wing your way to victory over the Pacific, Britain or Europe. There are six Foam Fighter planes to collect that each unlocks a different campaign based on historical battles. Play as either Axis or Allied forces.

Foam Fighters Pacific:
Includes: Black Sheep: With its distinctive profile, this high-performance American fighter is one of the country’s premier combat aircraft and is indispensable in missions to capture Japanese-controlled islands. Shogun: A light, highly maneuverable aircraft, this Japanese fighter goes the distance to take out American invaders.

Foam Fighters Britain:
Includes: Bulldog: An exceptional British fighter plane, its performance can rarely be matched when defending the skies over Britain. Blitzer: Light, fast and tough, this aircraft is the top choice in leading the German charge to bring Britain to its knees.

Foam Fighters Europe:
Includes: Screaming Eagle: With a blend of speed, maneuverability and range, this American fighter plane has a huge role to play in destroying the German war machine. The Wolf: A formidable foe, this versatile aircraft is the backbone of the German fighter force and its efforts to crush Allied forces.

AppGear Foam Fighters is a mobile application game for iPod, iPhone, iPad 2 and Android smartphones.

System Requirements for Foam Fighters

iOS4.3 or above

iPad2, iPhone4 and above iPod touch 4th generation or better

Google Android 2.3.3 or above ARMv7 processor or better (OpenGL ES 2.0) with a minimum resolution of 480x320 and a maximum resolution of 1024x800, unless otherwise specified on the support site

iPhone or Android smart device not included.
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Release Date: 06/07/2012