Airport Zurich (for X-Plane 10) (PC)

The Airport Zurich (formerly Zurich-Kloten) is the main airport of Switzerland. Situated approx. 13 km from the city center it has three runways with two of them crossing each other.

The airport has three Docks (A, B and E) whereas Dock B, being the oldest, was put out of service for aviation purposes in 2003. Until 2008 Dock B was available for events and exhibitions. Since then it has been knocked down and replaced with a completely new building which will be taken into service in 2011. The ground layout has been developed from high resolution photo real images and matches the data of the real airport.


•All buildings and airport institutions
•Photo real high resolution textures on buildings, vehicles, ground, etc
•Hundreds of taxiway- and runway signs according to charts
•Airport roads with road sign markings
•Optimized frame rate
Manual in German and English, Charts included

SKU: 251540-product
Release Date: 27/07/2012