Airliner Pilot (PC)

For flight sim fans who want to fly an airliner then FS2004 is happy to grant their wish. But what if a virtual aviator wants to take on the role of a commercial pilot? Something more than just guiding a plane from A to B? Airliner Pilot is looking for flight crew and flight sim fans are queuing up to be in our team! The search for success begins at the heart of an airline as a Junior First Officer in a Dash 8 Q300. Recruits then fly their way through the program and watch their career progress until they attain the coveted Captain’s seat.


  • All in a day’s work! The airline assigns you routes to fly according to your rank and aircraft allowances. Progress from the Dash 8 to the FS2004 737-400 and 777-300 until you’re ready for the Jumbo!
  • The custom tools included allow users to fly their career in their favourite add-on aircraft, create their own airlines or fly for a great selection of real-world carriers.
  • Pilots can choose the length of career and set the difficulty level. Then, the Flight Operations program (Flight Ops) takes over to manage all the aspects of their jobs from planning flights to promotion and performance appraisal
  • New recruits begin their career in a high quality custom-built Dash 8 Q300 with fully detailed modelling and comprehensive left and righthand panels
SKU: 180285-product
Release Date: 01/07/2005