Airbus Evolution Volume 2 (PC)

Excellence in “Suspension of Disbelief”, the Holy Grail of simulation.

“At times when I was flying the aircraft, I forgot that I was virtually flying it.. beads of sweat would roll down my head, when I found it hard to stay on the approach. The other manufacturers of Airbus have some catching up to do. It is one of the most-used aircraft in my collection and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone."


Airbus Series - Volume 2 brings you the Airbus heavies.

The 'Pilot in Command' label suggests excellence and does not disappoint. In the award winning Series 1, Wilco/FeelThere, delivered the ubiquitous A318 through A321 series. Series 2 looks to five of the 'heavies', the A330-200/300, A340-300/600 and the military A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport.

This new ‘Evolution’ release of the Feelthere-developed Airbus range of aircraft has been re-worked with a whole host of new features, including…

•Weather Radar
•Head Up Display
•New Details Navigation Systems (including Navigraph support)
•New More Detailed Systems Functionality and Alerts
•Useability Improvements
•Difficult Level Selection
•Pushback Steering
•Multi-Monitor Support
The Airbus ethos of faster training and crew rating through keeping elements similar across airframes is rewarded here. Seated in the virtual cockpit, pilots familiar with the A320 will feel instantly at home, ready to face the challenges of flying these larger craft.

Those new to Airbus will enjoy the discovery that gaining skills in one, they are already well advanced for their next.

Exploring the Aircraft

The sleek lines of modern transports can challenge the sense of detail, but not here, the undercarriage is simply a joy. Numerous liveries are included with realistic night lighting, and the easy to use paint-kit enables users to create additional liveries of their choice.   The high resolution textures are beautifully executed and feature dynamic shine and reflection.

These are complete aircraft including detailed interiors of both business and economy sections, (no 'upgrade' is required to access business class!).  Animation rich, the models include wing flex, suspension, thrust reversers, doors, hatches and of course all flight surfaces operate exactly like the real thing. At the gate, watch jetways and luggage vehicles interact.

Assisting that best view, FSX Viewpoints including Gear, Wing and Cabin are all included.

Flight Deck Perfection

'On the bridge' you’ll be struck immediately by the detail. Three realism levels ensure enjoyment for the ab-initio and expert alike whilst night and day lighting are equally considered for those long haul journeys.

Vector graphic technology (GDI+) ensures the smoothest of operation and clarity. This is complemented by a full set of 2D panels for left and right seat operation, designed not only for 1024x768 but 1600x1200 resolutions. Using GDI+ pop-up EFIS displays can be detached and scaled at will with no loss of quality at all. Superb for multi-monitor PCs, even brightness is adjustable.

For the serious simmer, the avionics run from 'cold and dark ' to full auto-landing. The beautifully replicated glass cockpit includes Cat II and Cat III certification, and the Fully Featured fly-by-wire and autopilot system includes ALL Airbus specific modes.

The Airbus EFIS is meticulously represented and encompasses Primary Flight Display ( PFD), Navigation Display( ND), Engine Warning Display (EWD), System Display (SD) complete with all system pages.

Systems extend to a fully featured (FADEC) Full Authority Digital Engine Control system, full Inertial Reference System (IRS), Ground Proximity Warning (GPWS) with caution messages, Radio Management Panel, Realistic Auto-brakes and SID/STAR Management

All FMC parameters can also be retained as part of a saved flight.

Quiet enough to appreciate the sound

These Airbus are famously quiet. All engine noise you do hear is digitally recorded from the real aircraft, as is the APU, the air conditioning, batteries, passenger signs, and clicks. Adding the ‘human factor’, sound even extends to crew and ground dialogs.

In Flight

Thanks to the Airbus design philosophy pilots with skills already honed on the smaller variants, can expect to master these aircraft at accelerated speed, and will be pleased to discover that such similarity does not mean an A340-600 is simply an A318 with different graphics.

Double the engines and numerous additional systems, the A340-600 at 75m is the longest airliner in the sky today, longer even than the A380 and twice the length of the Wright brothers first powered flight.

The flight dynamics of these aircraft have been developed by the acclaimed Rob Young of Flight Dynamics, and tested by active Airbus Pilots to ensure that each of these related aircraft offers a unique and authentic experience.

Set to full realism the Airbus Fly-by-wire computers can alert to pilot error in areas a 'dumb' aircraft cannot. These aircraft are excellent for honing that extra level of piloting skill that in real flight can make all the difference between a landing, and just an 'arrival'!

Easy to Setup

A fully integrated module allows simple configuration of the many features to suit preference.

System Requirements

•Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX OR Flight Simulator 2004
•Internet Connection (for activation on installation)
•Windows XP - Vista 32bit Edition – Seven 32/64bis Edition
•Processor – Pentium IV – 1.4 GHz
•256Mb RAM,
•64-128Mb Graphic Card
•Hard drive space : 799 Mb (FSX) - 699 Mb (FS2004).
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Release Date: 24/06/2011