AGEOD Strategy Collection: Battles of 1750-1865 (PC)

AGEOD’s Military Strategies brings together three acclaimed historical strategy titles from veteran strategy developers AGEOD studios in one superb value collection.

Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815 is thoroughly enjoyable sequel to AGEOD's first ever release, and allows you to take command and lead armies in all the major wars that shaped America between 1750 and 1815.

American Civil War positions you as a general during the period where the North and the South battled for control of America. Fort Sumner, off Charleston, is captured by Confederate forces. The Civil War has begun…

World War One presents the opportunity to take the helm of major WWI nations and lead troops, fleets, diplomats and the economy to victory in the midst of some of the toughest operations during the four years of the 'War to end all wars'.


  • Numerous scenarios and Grand Campaigns over key periods of military history
  • Beautifully recreated and authentically styled military units true to their era
  • Hundreds of characters and occurring events taken from the historical periods
  • Host of options for diplomacy, supply, recruitment, research and production
  • Play-be-Email mode (ideal for enthusiasts and table top wargame fans)
  • Lovingly crafted game maps and thematic music create a wonderful ambience
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