Action Replay MAX for PSP (Accessories)

Take your gaming to new levels of fun and excitement with the ultimate cheat system for PSP.

Action Replay MAX give syou everything you want...and more. Choose from Action Replays huge range of specially created Powersaves for extra weapons, ammo, power and energy. Load special levels, features and much more!

Only Action Replay can unlock the hidden secrets that game programmers don't want you to discover.

Media Manager Feature:Share movies, MP3 music, gamesaves, photo's and more. manage your media files with ease - copy - move - save - delete.

It is so easy to transfer your movies to your PSP - just drop your file into the Media Manager software and Action Replay MAX does the rest. You need no knowledge of the file formats to get great results every time.

Converting your movies, photo's, MP3's and gamesaves couldn't be simpler.

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