Aces High (PC)

High fidelity flight simulation is the heart of Aces High but it doesn't end there. A war rages on the ground and at sea. Engage enemy armor in tank combat. Protect your fleet as a gunner or make a torpedo run in a PT boat. Lead an assault in an amphibious vehicle. With over 100 warbirds, vehicles, and boats available, you have access to a vast virtual arsenal. Take part in special events such as historical scenarios where famous battles are recreated and re-imagined or try your hand at air racing at tree top level against skilled competitors. In the air, on land, and at sea, the battle rages 24 hours a day with participants from around the world.

  • Accurate flight modeling
  • Over 100 aircraft, vehicles and boats
  • Full, true 3D cockpits
  • Fight against thousands of real players from around the world
  • Multiple arenas with unique environments offer different styles of gameplay
  • Start or join a squadron for even more fun
  • Participate in special events from World War II
  • In-game voice support
  • Tailor and edit the game to your liking
  • Design and build your own terrain with the Aces High Terrain Editor
  • Create historical skins for your plane
  • The most flexible view system in the genre. Tailor it to your liking
  • Customize your commands on the keyboard and joystickConstant updates and additions keep the game fresh
  • Auto-update in the game for all updates and released content, including new skins
  • Improve your combat skills
  • Free offline practice and missions
  • Learn from films you can record and view using the Aces High Film Viewer
SKU: 240356-product
Release Date: 21-Oct-11