Ace Combat: Assault Horizon jets into stores

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon jets into stores

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon has flown its way into UK stores this week, courtesy of publisher Namco Bandai.

The latest title in the long-running aerial action series is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and offers the most visceral and intense experience to date.

Featuring a story written by New York Times bestselling military author Jim DeFelice, Assault Horizon casts players as a top gun pilot in an international task force, embarking on high-flying missions above Russia, Dubai, Washington DC and other locales.

A wide variety of supersonic jets and attack helicopters are available to control, with a new physics engine allowing aircraft to be shredded as they come under attack.

Developer Project Aces has packed the game with a wide variety of solo, cooperative and online multiplayer modes and is now working on downloadable content that will bring even more high-tech flying machines to the experience.

Kazutoki Kono, producer at Project Aces, said: "This was a chance for us to take the franchise in a completely new direction and that is exactly what we have accomplished."

The game is also available in a limited edition version, including a collector's notepad, soundtrack CD and more.

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Release Date: 14/10/2011