Absolute Drift (Switch)

In absolute drift, you will master the art of drifting. Practice your skills in free-roam and compete in drift events such as driftkhana and mountain drifting.

Make the journey as you hone your skill in a beautifully minimalist world.

  • Customise upto 6 drift cars - each has it's own way of handling. 3 game modes - driftkhana, drifting & mountain drifting with 34 levels
  • Exclusive sticker day one
  • Online leaderboards, replays and ghost cars. view your friend score or the best score in the world and refine your skill by out scoring your ghost car
  • 5 free roaming areas with unique levels and themes
  • Chill out with more than 3 hours of clean drum & base & music
  • SKU: 833430-product
    Release Date: 13/10/2023