A380 Airbus Special Edition for Flight Simulator X (PC)

A brand new version of the highly successful A380, this offers you the chance to pilot the most talked about and exciting 21st century airliner. This new updated package includes the 700 and 900 series.

Hot on the heels of the critically-acclaimed Airbus A380 published in 2005 comes this newly-enhanced FSX compatible version. and it's also every bit as exciting as flying this double decker monster of an aeroplane at Mach .8. This Speciaal Edition now includes four different models of the world's latest super jumbo. The Airbus A380 was designed to be the largest passenger aircraft ever, right from the start. The newly-designed model 900 can be outfitted to carry an incredible 650 passengers up to 7,800 miles
SKU: 188510-product
Release Date: 27/10/2006