4x Thumb grips for Switch Lite & Joy-Con joy stick caps pokeball pokemon | ZedLabz (Switch)


- Set of four Pokemon edition analog thumb grip caps specifically designed for Nintendo Switch Lite & Switch Joy-Con.
- Features a raised pattern of silicone - Provides improved grip & control
- Made from premium thick silicone - Adds additional surface area to prevent thumbs from slipping.
- Simple secure fitting - No tools required to easily slip them on or off the analog sticks.
- Compatible with both Switch Lite & original Switch consoles with detachable Joy-con controls.


Improve your gameplay and protect your analog thumb sticks from wear with these premium silicone thumb caps for Nintendo Switch.

Compatible with any version of Switch console, use them on a Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers or both. 

The silicone grips enhance thumb stick control and protect your joy-con controls from wear and tear, crucial for any switch as the original rubber cannot be easily replaced.

Made from premium thick silicone, the grip caps adds comfort and additional surface area to the thumb sticks, which helps present thumbs from slipping at the critical moments.

Easy installation with no modifications or tools needed, simply slip them on or off anytime.

A low cost solution to increase comfort, controller accuracy, and protect the original rubber on the thumbsticks.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite and Switch Joy-con, Not compatible with Switch Pro controller.

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