TalkSport Football Trivia Game (Puzzles and Board Games)

A fun and funny mix of unusual football trivia with hundreds of weird and wonderful questions that will test and tease you.

Each player or team has its own pitch to play on and with the more questions that are correctly answered the further up the pitch you go.

Get in the area, answer correctly and …GOAL! But hold on.. Don't forget … there's a GOAL CHECK!!!!

Key Features:
  • The game features a range of categories, including classic matches, famous footballers, legendary managers, iconic stadiums, and much more.
  • Players must answer questions from each category to progress through the game and reach the final round.
  • With over 1,000 questions covering all aspects of football, players will be challenged to recall famous moments, legendary goals, and the great players of the past and present.
  • The game also features a range of difficulty levels, so whether you’re a casual fan or a football fanatic, you’ll find a level that suits you.
  • SKU: 829973-product
    Release Date: 03/04/2023