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GAME Reward

GAME Reward

The new, improved GAME Reward scheme is a great way to get even more out of shopping with GAME. It gives you points on everything you buy in-store and online.

You are not sent a physical card to put in your wallet, once you have signed up you will be emailed your GAME Reward number to pair with your GAME Account or link with the GAME Reward App.

Key Benefits
Earning Points - Earn 2% of your purchase value back in Reward Points.*
Points for Trade-ins - Earn 1% of the trade-in value back in Reward points.
Accolades - Earn more points when you achieve one of our cool accolades**
And Even More Points - We'll even send you information about products you're interested in and special offers for even more ways to rack up those points.
Online AND In-store - Points can be earned and redeemed both on our website and in any of our stores nationwide.


Earn even more with GAME Rewards - introducing GAME Reward Accolades!

If you haven't downloaded our App then here's your reason to do so! GAME Reward Accolades give you even more chances to earn Reward Points on everything from registering our new App and your first online purchase to speedy trade-ins of new titles! However you shop, however you play, more Reward Points are yours for the taking!

  • A Smart Move

    Register your Reward Card the new App.
    250 points

  • Big Game Hunter

    First Game Hunter transaction with your Reward Card
    250 points

  • Pixel Pickup

    First Click and Collect using your Reward Card.
    250 points

  • The Resurrector

    Buy your first pre-owned item in-store or online.
    500 points

  • Merchant

    Perform your first trade-in in-store with your Reward Card.
    500 points

  • Web Slinger

    Buy online for the first time and use your Reward Card.
    500 points

  • Speedrun

    Trade-in 1 game within 14 days of its launch.
    500 points

  • Speedrun Expert

    Trade-in 5 games within 14 days of their launch.
    1000 points

  • Speedrun Pro

    Trade-in 10 games within 14 days of their launch.
    2000 points

  • Speedrun Elite

    Trade-in 25 games within 14 days of their launch.
    4000 points

  • Speedrun Master

    Trade-in 50 games within 14 days of their launch..
    4000 points

  • Speedrun Grand Master

    Trade-in 75 games within 14 days of their launch.
    4000 points

  • Speedrun Legend

    Trade-in 100 games within 14 days of their launch.
    4000 points

* No points are awarded for purchases of gift vouchers and mobile game downloads.
** Accolades can only be achieved once and are only available to customer registered on the GAME App.