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Get rewarded with every purchase you make in-store, online, or by mobile with a GAME Reward account.

Earn points every time you shop with us and get that next must-have game even cheaper.

There are plenty of ways to sign up to GAME Reward. Sign-up online today, download our GAME app and create a new account, or pop into your local store to ask a member of staff to sign you up!

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• Keep up to date with the latest news and offers from GAME and access your Reward points via GAME Wallet.

• Register your account or sign up today to earn Reward points when you buy or trade-in with GAME.

• Access GAME Wallet through the app to manage your Reward points, gift cards, trade-ins and top up credit. Your well-earned credit will be safely stored all in one place, allowing you to spend in-store and online.

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GAME Reward Offers

As a Reward customer, you'll receive exclusive promotions like bonus or double points. Got the app? Earn awesome accolades to get even more bonus points to spend in-store or online.

  • GAME Skylanders Club

    GAME Skylanders Club

    Join our Skylanders Club and you'll get all the perks of the GAME Reward program along with exclusive Skylanders Club benefits!

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GAME Reward Accolades

Unlock cool accolades when you keep doing the things you're doing! Just trade-in, shop pre-owned, place pre-orders and you'll even get bonus points just for linking your Reward card to the GAME app

Just download the GAME app, and keep using your Reward card to get started!

  • GAME Reward Accolade A Smart Move

    A Smart Move

    How to Earn it

    • Download the App
    • Create Account/ Sign-in
    • Fill in all fields for Completion


    250 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Web Slinger

    Web Slinger

    How to Earn it

    Place an order online at


    500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade The Resurrector

    The Resurrector

    How to Earn it

    Purchase a pre-owned product.

    Online or In-store

    500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Pixel Pickup

    Pixel Pickup

    How to Earn it

    Place a Click & Collect order at


    250 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade The Merchant

    The Merchant

    How to Earn it

    Trade-in an item


    500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Speedrun


    How to Earn it

    Trade-in a game within 14 days of its release (this accolade is multi-tiered, keep trading in to keep earning!)


    From 500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Endless Possibilities

    Endless Possibilities

    How to Earn it

    Place an online order in a GAME store.


    250 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Web Slinger

    Fallout 4 Club

    How to Earn it

    Place a deposit for Fallout 4 and join the Fallout Club.

    In-store or Online

    0 points

Need Help?

GAME Online Reward FAQ's

I have lost my Reward number, what do I do?

If you've lost your Reward number please visit your local GAME store who will help you find your details and download the Game Reward App. If you've signed up online you will require a card or the App to redeem points in store. Please follow this process or download the App.

I already have a GAME Reward Card, why can't I log in online?

A GAME Reward account is initially separate from a GAME online account. You will need to register your online account separately and link your Reward account. Once linked you can earn and redeem Reward points for all online purchases.

My Reward Card number is different on my card and on my app?

If you attempt to sign up to the Reward app without a linked account, or using incorrect details, the app might not let you register your card at all and simply generate an entirely new reward number. To amend this simply contact us with your Reward Card and app details and we can merge these card details and points under one number for you.

GAME App Reward FAQ's

I've entered my details but the app won't let me register

When this error occurs you may have incorrectly entered one of the details required for registration. Try entering your details again and if you?re still stuck just contact our Customer Services team who are happy to and they will be able to help.

What are Accolades?

These are rewards for doing certain things (like trading-in a game with 14 days of buying it, buying pre-owned - you even get an accolade for registering this app!). We give you a block of reward points for every one you achieve.

Why don't the points I earn update straight away?

They do - sort of. The points get added straight away but they don't show up in your account until our back end systems have run. You may have to wait 24 hours before you can spend them

Have another question? Check out our help site here

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