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From chart toppers to pre-orders, trailers, reviews and news, find everything you need in one handy place.

Hassle-free shopping.

Combine your Trade-in credit, Reward points, and gift cards all in one handy place. No need to worry about forgetting your Reward card ever again with the handy scanable QR code.

Even more rewards

Track, earn and spend Reward points from your phone, you can even ear bonus points with accolades.

The GAME App is easy to download and is absolutely free!

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Download the GAME App from the Google Play, Apple or Windows Phone stores today.

Just Search 'GAME App' and log-in using Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Steam, or Twitter account for added security.

Sign-up for a Reward account, or enter your details to start using GAME Wallet, earn bonus points, and more!

  • Get the GAME App from the Apple app store
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Shopping with the GAME App


The GAME App lets you pick and choose your next big purchase, click the Buy Online icon and start browsing our range of games, consoles and accessories.

Using Scan it? Scan the game cover, click 'Your Price' and choose new, pre-owned, or digital to go straight to the relevant page online.

Exclusive App promotions

Get the latest promotions with the GAME App.

Enable push promotions or check the ?My Promos? icon for a list of our very best offers.




Search for keywords, enter or scan the barcode directly to check the trade-in value of your games.

Get cash and credit values, see how many points you'll earn, plus save your scanned items to easily see the total trade-in value of your stash.


See games come to life with Scan It!

Just open the app, select Scan It, and aim your phone at the game box or anything with the Scan It logo in-store or online.

Watch the latest trailers, get personalised prices, along with all the latest info.

Keep an eye out for special Scan It competitions in-store and online to earn bonus points, accolades, and the chance to win big prizes.


GAME Wallet

GAMEWallet in the GAME App

Welcome to GAME Wallet!

The easy to use, secure way of storing your GAME Rewards Points, Gift Cards, and money you?ve made selling us your phones, tablets, consoles, and games, all in one place.

Why start using GAME Wallet?

It makes keeping track of your giftcards, points, and credit even easier. You can even top up your wallet online, so when you get to the tills, all they need to do is scan your app and the payment is done. Simple.

Just sign up online, or download the app and follow the easy onscreen instructions. Already a rewards member? Link your accounts online or through the app.

Get started today!

GAME Reward Accolades

Unlock cool accolades when you keep doing the things you're doing; just trade-in, shop pre-owned, place pre-orders you'll even get bonus points just for linking your Reward card to the app

Just download the app, and keep using your Reward card to get started!

  • GAME Reward Accolade A Smart Move

    A Smart Move

    How to Earn it

    • Download the App
    • Create Account/ Sign-in
    • Fill in all fields for Completion


    250 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Web Slinger

    Web Slinger

    How to Earn it

    Place an order online at


    500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade The Resurrector

    The Resurrector

    How to Earn it

    Purchase a Pre-owned item from us

    Online or In-store

    500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Pixel Pickup

    Pixel Pickup

    How to Earn it

    Place a Click & Collect order at


    250 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade The Merchant

    The Merchant

    How to Earn it

    Trade-in an item


    500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Speedrun


    How to Earn it

    Trade-in an item within 14 days of the game launching. (There are multiple accolades for this award the more you do it!)


    From 500 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Endless Possibilities

    Endless Possibilities

    How to Earn it

    Place an Endless Range order In-store


    250 points

  • GAME Reward Accolade Web Slinger

    Fallout 4 Club

    How to Earn it

    Place a deposit for Fallout 4 including Club

    In-store or Online

    0 points

GAME App Wallet FAQ's

Will you access my contacts if I sign up using my Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Steam or Twitter login ID?

No, we will never access your contacts when you login, all we are doing is using your login ID to confirm your identity. This provides a secure way of accessing websites, making our app even better and safer for you.

Can you access my accounts or post on my behalf?

No, we will only ever use your ID as a way to give you a more secure login. This means you won?t have to remember another set of details when you use the GAME Wallet, keeping things nice and simple. We?ve picked some of the most widely used log-ins to make things as convenient as possible for you.

What do I do if I haven't got one of the accounts you use for sign-up?

You?ll need to use one of these to start using our app. You can use an existing email address to create an account with any of the Federated ID providers we use. Once you?ve created an account with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Steam, sign up using this account.

Why can't I sign up to GAME Wallet using the Mobile App?

If you are an existing GAME Reward customer when you sign up to the app, we will try and link your Reward account to the ID (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Steam or Twitter) you are signing in with.

This might fail if:

  • You've entered your Reward card details incorrectly.
    The Surname and/or Postcode need to match those on our records so that we know it's definitely you.
  • Your Reward/GAME Wallet already has an ID of the same type (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Steam or Twitter) linked to it.
    You are only allowed to link one of each type to your Wallet. You can change your logon credentials in the settings page in the GAME Wallet User Portal.

If the problem continues please contact GAME customer support who will be able to help you.

Need Help? Check out our FAQ's here.

For FAQ's on Scan It, GAME Wallet, Reward, or to contact us, just click the Help button on the second page of the app.

I enter my details but the app won't let me register. What's going on?

When you enter your details but the GAME App won't let you register, there could be a number of issues preventing you from doing so. Double check that the details you are entering are correct and if you are still having issues our Customer Services will be happy to help. Please be aware that if you've just updated your personal details you may need to wait a few minutes for the GAME App to catch up.

What are GAME Reward accolades and how do I earn them?

Accolades are our way of rewarding you for going the extra mile, you can earn them for a range of different activities which you can see here. Accolades are only available to GAME Reward customer who have registered and are using the GAME App.

How do I earn and spend points?

Earning points is simple - when you buy stuff, trade-in or achieve accolades you can use your app to earn points. If you're transacting in-store you'll need to show the sales assistant one of the QR codes stored on the app which they can scan to earn you points. You can use these same QR codes when you spend points.

Why don't the points I earn update straight away?

When you earn points the GAME App will take 24 hours to update and show the correct balance. You've still earned your points and shouldn?t be concerned if they don't appear immediately, if they haven't arrived by the next day please contact our Customer Services

Can I pay with GAME Reward points even when I have not signal or WiFi coverage?

Yes, the GAME App will let you spend and earn GAME Reward points with or without a connection to the internet. You'll have five opportunities to do this before an internet connection is needed, ask staff in store for more information when you present the GAME App.

Which devices can I use the app on?

The GAME App is available on all iPhones and iPads with iOS v4.3 or better and most Android devices running OS v2.3 or better. The GAME App also supports all Windows 8 phones.

How secure is the app?

The GAME App has undergone security work to make it as safe as possible, the best way to ensure you?re as safe as possible is to set up a PIN code. You can do this within the GAME App and will be asked to present your unique PIN every time you open the GAME App.

So that's it! You're at the bottom of the page. Hopefully you're all sorted now - if not, please contact us with whatever your question or issue is and we'll give the fixer elves a kick and get 'em working. Cheers.

Have another question? Check out our help site here