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The Nintendo eShop


With the Nintendo eShop, you can get even more out of your 3DS than ever before!

The Nintendo eShop is found on the 3DS home menu - and it's home to a whole host of downloadable games and apps, as well as demos and info on forthcoming releases, all available in the palm of your hand.

There are heaps of fun games to enjoy in the Virtual Console, a veritable time capsule of vintage Nintendo treats from the NES, Game Boy and even the Sega Game Gear which you can enjoy on your 3DS. Some of them have even been given a 3D upgrade and now feature as 3D Classics!

Downloading games from the eShop is easy and convenient. All the prices are shown in pounds, not points - so you know exactly how much you're spending. You can grab your Nintendo Store Cards directly from us, giving you peace of mind on how much you or your family are spending online.

Add to this a whole heap of video content, including exclusive 3D videos, trailers, demos and more, and the Nintendo eShop is more than just a shop - it's the place to be!