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Xbox LIVE Credits & Game Addons


This is Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE is the online service designed to make the most out of your Xbox 360. From downloading and playing games online, to watching TV, listening to music and chatting with friends, there's so much more that you can do!

It's easy to enjoy Xbox LIVE - all you need is an Xbox 360 and a broadband connection and you can set-up your FREE Xbox LIVE account, which includes:

  • Chat with your Xbox LIVE friends
  • Download add-ons for your favourite games
  • Download demos and trailers for new games
  • Create an Xbox LIVE Avatar - a virtual 'you' to explore
  • Download content to personalise your Xbox 360

Once you're set-up, you can buy games to download straight to your Xbox 360 and play straight away, from the big-name titles like Call of Duty and Halo, to games you can't find anywhere else.
You can also purchase LIVE credits to spend on all kinds of content within Xbox LIVE, and even pay for your GOLD Membership, giving you even more features:

  • Form an Xbox LIVE Party - meet friends on Xbox LIVE, play together and share your photos.
  • Online Multiplayer gaming
  • Live video chat
  • Exclusive first-looks at the hottest new game demos
  • Watch live TV and Sport from Sky*
  • Listen to personalised music via or with a Zune Music Pass*
  • Facebook and Twitter

Make the most out of your Xbox 360. Join Xbox LIVE and join the fun!