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The Sims

The Sims 4

The Sims™4
Released 05/09/2014

Live a life less ordinary in The Sims™4 for PC and Mac.

The Sims™4 is the latest entry in the hit simulation series, and offering the most immersive new life experience so far. Promising to get to the mind, body and heart of the Sims themselves, your Sim will be more expressive, intelligent and charming than ever before, living much richer lives with goals and aspirations in a world of your creation.

The Sims™4 boasts improved customisation and personalisation in the Create A Sim mode. Choose your Sim's personality, aims and lifelong goals and explore this life to the fullest through their thoughts, memories and even social skills and careers. Your Sims will move and act more naturally, too, boasting greater intelligence - including the ability to multitask - as well as a deep range of emotions that are influenced by the people and experiences around them.

The Build Mode is also improved, letting you create a rich world for your Sims to inhabit. Build vibrant neighbourhoods in diverse environments and bring your home to life. Complete tasks to reap more outfits, objects and traits and share your home with the online community.

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The Sims 4 Bundle Pack 1

The Sims™4 is now available on Mac!

Players who already own The Sims™4 for PC or just purchased the packaged PC-only version of The Sims™4, can access the Mac version through Origin.

Please note that The Sims™4 for Mac is a digital-only release. At this time, the installation discs found in all packaged editions of The Sims™4 are not Mac compatible. New players who purchase a packaged PC-only version of The Sims™4 will still be able to redeem the code in the box to access the Mac version through Origin.

Further information for players can be accessed on the FAQ page via this link: www.thesims.com/mac

Get more out of your Sims in The Sims™ 4!

In this free game update, players will experience entirely new career-related content with the addition of Business and Athletic careers. Each career branches into two new paths. Sims who dream of a life filled with power and wealth have the option to become an Angel Investor or Business Tycoon. Or Sims aspiring to live a life of health and fitness can strive to become a Hall of Famer or Mr. or Ms. Solar System.

With each career, Sims will be given specific outfits that change throughout their careers and will unlock unique objects and interaction rewards. Sims looking to fast track their careers can also take advantage of new chance cards. Will Sims take the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder quickly or stay the course and show loyalty to their current employer? In addition, by playing through these careers, players will unlock four career-reward rooms that can be found in Build Mode.

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