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  • Crackdown


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    • Crackdown

      Experience unrivalled verticality, cooperative mayhem and destruction with Crackdown - Only on Xbox One!

    • Crackdown


      Cause some superhero mayhem in an ultra-modern metropolis in Crackdown. Only on Xbox One.

      Unleash the agency!

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      The great thing about Crackdown is that there's rarely a boring moment. The RPG-style levelling of your character's abilities, the hidden orbs scattered throughout a surprisingly colourful futuristic city and a compelling Robocop-like storyline made Crackdown one of the best games of the Xbox 360's lifespan.

      With the new Crackdown coming to Xbox One we can expect more of the same, but with a look at returning to the magic that made the first game so popular.

      Crackdown preview