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The Magnificent World of Mario!
Nintendo's popular plumber is still going strong on Wii U, Wii and 3DS. Complete your collection today!
Yoshi New Island Yoshi New Island (3DS) Yoshi New Island & 3DS Console

Release Date - 14/03/2014

Everyone's favourite dinosaur returns for more fun in Yoshi's New Island on Nintendo 3DS.

Arriving on Nintendo's 3DS family of consoles for the first time, Yoshi's New Island takes him on an all new egg-venture escorting Baby Mario through a host of fun and colourful locations. Like previous Yoshi games, each world is created in a different art-style, ranging from oil painting, to watercolours, to crayon, making Egg Island as fun to look at as it is to explore!

Yoshi's New Island features many of the series' classic gameplay features, including Yoshi's Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and Egg Throw. It also introduces all-new abilities like the giant-sized Mega Eggs which can be used to destroy objects and find coins. There are new ways to control the game, too, using the gyro sensors and new binocular ability to uncover hidden areas and aim your Mega Egg throws better!

Feel the egg-citement and order Yoshi's New Island today!

Release Date - 30/05/2014

Get ready to rev up and race once more as Mario Kart 8 comes speeding onto Wii U.

The legendary karting series makes its debut on Nintendo's newest console, offering up more courses, more racers and bold new HD graphics, making it the best looking entry in the series so far! All your favourites from the Mushroom Kingdom return to race again, including Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach and Bowser, joined for the first time by the Koopalings!

The biggest – and most literal – twist in Mario Kart 8 is the addition of anti-gravity gameplay, letting you drive along walls and ceilings and adding new and alternative routes through each course. This is on top of the return of both hang-gliders and underwater racing, giving you more ways to race than ever before. There are more ways to share your experience with the world, too, with 12-player online racing and the chance to upload and share your gameplay videos on Mario Kart TV through the Miiverse.

Kart your engines and order Mario Kart 8 today!

Grab the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition and take home your very own Spiny Shell Collector's Item!

This replica of the first-place-targeting shell comes with a black and transparent base for you to display as proudly as you would the race-winning trophy!

Mario Party Island Tour


The classic party game arrives on 3DS as Mario Party: Island Tour offers up more mini-games – and even more fun! The seven unique boards offer up countless new ways to play, from rolling dice to racing rockets! Plus, Download Play lets four players enjoy the fun on four consoles with only one game card, so join the ultimate portable party today!


Super Mario 3D Land

Enter a true 3D Mario adventure in Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS. Our hero has to once again rescue Princess Peach, and will face enemies old and new as he travels through a world brought to life via glasses-free 3D. The Tanooki tail returns, alongside new skills that really make Mario Super!

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Prepare to enter the strangest world of all – inside the mind of the sleeping Luigi in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. for 3DS. This hilarious action RPG sees the Mario Bros. enter Luigi's imagination where almost anything can happen, with creative Luiginary Works that can be controlled by manipulating the snoozing Luigi on the touchscreen.

New Super Mario Bros 2

Go for gold in New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS. This fun take on the classic platform gameplay adds a new twist – as well as rescuing the Princess, you need to collect as many Gold Coins as possible! Add to this the return of Racoon Mario and some fun two-player co-op, and you've got a timeless game on your hands!

Mario Tennis Open

Take to the court with Mario Tennis Open for 3DS and enjoy tactical tennis with a twist! Using the unique gyro sensor and touchscreen controls, you can compete in single-player and multiplayer modes and even win games using StreetPass. Choose your favourite character and make a racket today!

Mario Kart 7

The karting classic skids onto 3DS and into 3D with Mario Kart 7. Play as your Mii or your favourite Mushroom character, customise your karts and experience hang-gliding features for the first time! Plus, there are cool local and online multiplayer races, and some cool SpotPass and StreetPass features, too.

Luigi's Mansion 2

This sequel to the GameCube classic sees Luigi once again strap on his Poltergust and face new ghouls and ghosts! Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon for 3DS features spooky 3D gameplay as Luigi explores all-new mansions, each housing more ghostly enemies and plenty of hidden loot to be found.

Mario Kart DS

For karting in the palm of your hand, hit the track with Mario Kart DS. Over 30 circuits are yours to conquer, choosing from the best courses in series history, with an all-star line-up of Mushroom Kingdom Karters. Plus, using WiFi, you can compete wirelessly with up to eight other players, even if you don't all have a copy of the game.


Super Mario 3D World

Release Date: 29/11/2013

Mario and friends return for an all-new running and jumping extravaganza in Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. Traditional Mario gameplay meets imaginative new designs and puzzles in a colourful 3D world where Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach can play together in 4-player co-op. The new Cat Mario power up offers even more fun, letting you claw and climb your way to victory!

New Super Mario Bros. U

What better way to spring into the Wii U than with this HD take on classic Mario Bros. gameplay? New Super Mario Bros. U brings the traditional side-scrolling platform fun to a new generation, with a giant world map to explore, new skills, new power ups and new multiplayer modes.

New Super Luigi U

Luigi springs into the spotlight in this re-working of New Super Mario Bros. U. New Super Luigi U re-shuffles the gameplay from NSMBU with a leaner, greener hero taking the lead. Use his higher jumping abilities and other new features and enjoy the game all over again!

Black Wii U Mario and Luigi Premium Pack

The ultimate way to join Mario on the Wii U, this pack includes the 32GB Premium Wii U console and two games, New Super Mario Bros. U and spin-off New Super Luigi U. The perfect way to experience – and then re-experience – the HD platform fun on Nintendo's new console!

Nintendo selects: Super Paper Mario

The 2D fun of the Paper Mario series comes to Wii in Super Paper Mario. A mysterious new villain unleashes a rift of Dark Energy that threatens the universe, and only Mario can save the day, flipping the 2D gameplay into 3D to overcome obstacles and find hidden objects.


Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 brings the biggest party the Wii has ever seen, with over 80 new mini-games and some fun new twists. Travel round the game board in series-first vehicles, taking turns as Captain and facing Captain Events, before facing the likes of Bowser and King Boo in Boss Battles. Fun for four players.


New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. for Wii brings multiplayer to the series for the first time, with co-operative and competitive play that sees you work with your friends – or toss them into danger! New Wii Remote features help you navigate the platforms of the world, while the new propeller suit and Penguin Mario offer more new ways to play.


Nintendo selects: Wii Mario Kart (no wheel)

One of the biggest hits of the Wii, Mario Kart Wii revolutionised the series with the introduction of motion controls, using the Wii Remote to steer your way to victory. The introduction of bikes, a wealth of new and classic tracks and a host of online features including 12-player competitive play all make this a modern classic.


Nintendo selects: Mario Galaxy

Winner of the BAFTA for Best Game, Mario takes the ultimate step – into space! Defying gravity is the aim of the game as Mario explores strange alien worlds in this 3D action platformer, using the Wii Remote to shake, tilt and guide him, performing mind-bending low-gravity jumps!


Nintendo Wii White Console with Mario Kart

Experience the massive hit that is Mario Kart Wii on the console that redefined gaming for a generation. Motion controls meet the Mushroom Kingdom in this ultimate family console pack!


Mario eShop Titles

Download the best of Mario, both past and present, via the Nintendo eShop! The eShop has loads of great modern and classic Mario games for you download and enjoy on your 3DS, dating from the original NES games to today's newest releases!

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