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  • Audio Advantage

    Turtle Beach are the number one in gaming audio providing quality gaming headsets for all major formats and every level of gamer. Whether you're looking to improve your game or experience games as the creators intended you to, Turtle Beach headsets deliver great sound and give you the Audio Advantage you need to excel at gaming.

    From wired to wireless, chat to immersive surround sound, Turtle Beach headsets take advantage of the best technology to maximise quality and allow you to play comfortably for as long as you need to. And with great features like Superhuman Hearing™, DTS Surround Sound, and Mic Monitoring they give you the tools to customise your audio experience.

    Get the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage today!

    Get the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage
    Get the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset
    Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

    Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

    The "Elite" series product line represents the highest in audio and build quality from Turtle Beach. Designed from the ground-up for eSports athletes, and offering the ultimate professional grade gaming features, extended warranty and support, the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro is the future of gaming headsets.

    The Elite Pro's all-new 50mm Nanoclear speakers deliver more efficient, crisper audio with less distortion for a game changing sound experience, while the Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak Technology provides crystal clear chat to ensure commands are always heard loud and clear.

    Additionally, the Elite Pro debuts Turtle Beach's ComforTec Fit System - a revolutionary adjustment system for truly personalized head comfort, Aerofit Ear Cushions - where groundbreaking material technologies combine to deliver passive noise isolation with cooling comfort, and the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System - alleviating ear cushion pressure for gamers who wear glasses.

    The Elite Pro project is a ground up re-imagining of what can be achieved with professional level gaming audio, we have developed an audio weapon, as powerful as the controller in your hands in pro-gamers quest to win.

    This is not simply another iteration on a years old design, this is something completely new, taking the best of our heritage and melding that with incredible new cutting edge technologies focused on the needs of the top level of gamers.

    When only winning matters, there truly is no substitute, the Elite Pro headset is a generational leap forward in pro-gaming audio, comfort and communication.

  • Turtle Beach & OpTic Gaming Partnership

    Fully supporting this step-change in competitive gaming audio accessories, OpTic Gaming - one of the most prolific eSports organizations in the world - selected Turtle Beach and the all-new Elite Pro line as their official gaming audio gear of choice.

    Through this new partnership, OpTic's Championship Call of Duty, Halo and Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams will begin using the Elite Pro Headset, T.A.C. and other accessories as they continue to dominate the competitive gaming circuit.

    OpTic Gaming's first event using the new Elite Pro setup will be as the defending Call of Duty champions at this year's eSports World Convention which takes place later this week, May 6th-8th, 2016 in Paris, France.

    Turtle Beach x OpTic Gaming
  • Key Features
    Key Features

    Key Features

    Superhuman Hearing™
    Superhuman Hearing is a preset mode that amplifies certain sounds. Use Superhuman Hearing mode to pinpoint quiet audio cues like enemy footsteps and weapon reloads.

    DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound
    Harness the immersive power and spatial accuracy of DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound. It allows you to identify sounds from any direction whether they are above, below or behind you. Great for first person shooters, action adventure games and movies!

    Sound Modes
    Custom DTS Surround Sound modes allow you to customise your surround sound experience to further immerse you in your favourite games, movies and music.

    Active Noise Cancellation
    Eliminate unwanted distraction with active noise cancellation in console and mobile modes.

    Crystal Clear Wireless
    Intelligent channel hopping for an interference-free wireless experience.

    Microphone Monitoring
    Microphone Monitoring channels your own voice into your headset so you can make sure you're not shouting at your team mates in games, or friends on Skype.

    Bass Boost
    For powerful, rumbling lows that add depth and realism to your game audio.

    Dynamic Chat Boost™
    Even during loud gameplay spikes, chat volume automatically rises to ensure you never miss a command.

    Enjoy wireless Bluetooth connectivity with all your mobile devices including PS Vita™. Take calls on your mobile while gaming.

  • Turtle Beach Deals

    Perfect for any gamer, Turtle Beach is one of the leading makers of gaming specific headsets.

    No matter what console you play on, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, Turtle Beach has you covered with a wide range of headsets. Immerse yourself in all your favourite games like never before. With our range of Turtle Beach deals, you'll be able to enjoy everything your games have to offer at a great price.

    Grab yourself a deal and get your head in the game today!

    Turtle Beach Deals
  • PS4 Headsets

    PS4 Headsets

    Designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 and everything it can do, Turtle Beach PS4 headsets will arm you with the audio features that will help you dominate any game. With a headset for every level of gaming Turtle Beach PS4 headsets get you right into the heart of the game.

  • Xbox One Headsets

    Officially Licensed products for Microsoft's console, Turtle Beach's range of Xbox One headsets are the perfect match for revolutionary gaming and entertainment! Choose your loadout from some of the best audio features in gaming on headsets that deliver the audio quality you would expect from Turtle Beach.

    Xbox One Headsets
  • Multi-format Headsets

    Multi-format Headsets

    Want to use your headsets with more than one console? Turtle Beach have got you covered with these versatile range of headsets. Designed to be used on multiple platforms from console to PC to mobile, they deliver game-changing features to give you the power to dominate any game.

  • PC Headsets

    Designed to get the best out of your PC, Turtle Beach PC headsets combine the latest technology with great design to deliver an immersive audio experience. Loaded with features to help you become a better gamer you'll be able to game for hours in comfort.

    PC Headsets
  • PS3 & Xbox 360 Headsets

    PS3 & Xbox 360 Headsets

    Want to get the best audio out of your console then check out these best selling headsets!