Meet The PlayStation 4

Meet The PlayStation 4

Meet PlayStation 4

Meet the next generation of SONY's PlayStation family - the PlayStation 4 is here!

The PlayStation 4 console has been designed with the gamer in mind, offering fully immersive gaming experiences you will want to share with the world. With a wealth of new titles and access to classic games from PlayStation's rich legacy and a more personalised experience, the PlayStation 4 offers something for every kind of gamer.

PlayStation 4 boasts a host of online features that will take your gaming further. Upload and share your gameplay as you play, or edit and upload it with full commentary. Or log onto to any PS4 and access your PlayStation Network account wherever you are. And with remote control via PlayStation Vita you can even play your games handheld.

The future of PlayStation has arrived.

PlayStation 4 Console

Combining powerful graphics and speed with intelligent personalisation, integrated social capabilities and innovative second screen features on PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation 4 is a powerful machine to keep up with the demands of the modern gamer.

That power comes from 8GB of unified system memory and new processors, custom built for the speed and strength needed to unleash the rich graphics and immersive gameplay experiences that PS4 will offer. And the architecture of PlayStation 4 has been created in collaboration with game developers, ensuring that there will be no limit to the kind of games they can imagine and create.

PlayStation 4 also offers a fully personalised experience. The console is smart enough to learn your likes and dislikes, and will discover and share content that suits your preferences. It will also pre-load your home screen with gameplay and game-related information shared by your friends on PlayStation Network, and even find recommendations for content based on your choices, not only for games but movies and TV, too.

The PS4 console also includes a selection of party style games called PlayRoom pre-installed on the console. PlayRoom makes use of both the DualShock 4 and the PlayStation 4 Camera to fully showcase what the controls and console can do - and put you directly into the game!

PlayStation 4 Console

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PlayStation 4 Controller

PlayStation 4 controller

A new controller for a new generation, the Dualshock 4 will change the way you play.

The familiar Dualshock design gets some subtle changes, making it the most comfortable PlayStation controller to date. And alongside this increased comfort come improved controls, with enhanced analog thumbsticks and buttons for greater precision. The new touchpad introduces new ways to play, letting you guide, gesture and draw your way to success, the Share button lets you upload your gameplay, and the built-in speaker and headset jack bring the sounds of the game - and the ability to chat - directly to you.

The perfect partner to the improved graphics and gameplay of the PS4, the Dualshock 4 controller boasts enhanced vibration motors to let you feel the action with the same intensity as the action on screen. Plus, the Light Bar on the front will offer personalised play, identifying players quickly to show useful game information.

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PlayStation 4 camera

Bring the world around you into the games you love with the PlayStation 4 Camera.

The PS4 camera is leaps and bounds ahead of the PlayStation Eye used on PS2 and PS3. Dual lenses, an 85 degree field of view and almost infinite capture range ensure no detail can escape the PS4 Camera's vision, while the 4 channel microphone array picks up audio with crystal clarity. And all this can be captured at up to 240fps or 1280 x 800 pixels.

All these improvements mean that the PS4 Camera can enhance your gaming like never before on PlayStation. Log in using facial recognition and enhance your multiplayer experience with picture-in-picture video, connect with friends all over the world from the comfort of your living room, and even use voice commands to start games and more. Plus, use the camera to add live narration to your gameplay as you share it live on Twitch or Ustream.

PlayStation 4 Camera

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PlayStation 4 Games

Games on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is a console that is inspired by developers and focused on gamers. The powerful architecture has been built to allow all gaming possibilities to take shape, allowing the best developers in the world to build their games without limits - meaning you can play without limits, too.

And you can start playing straight away - thanks to PlayGo, you can begin playing your games while they're still downloading. PlayGo will download a portion of the game to get you started and install the rest while you're playing - and even let you choose to download single-player or multiplayer first. And the new Suspend Mode keeps the system running at a low power level so you can jump straight back where you left off!

PlayStation 4 will be home to a wealth of some of the biggest and best names in gaming. From PlayStation exclusive titles to the most popular multi-platform franchises, the games on PlayStation 4 will push the boundaries in graphics, gameplay and interaction for years to come.

There will be no restrictions on playing preowned games on PlayStation 4, and you will continue to be able to loan and trade your games, and to buy them preowned, letting you continue to play on PlayStation 4 just as you have throughout PlayStation's history.

Remote play on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 offers Remote Play through PlayStation Vita, making it the ultimate companion device.

Almost every PlayStation 4 title has been built to be played remotely on PS Vita over a local Wi-Fi connection - only games that specifically require a special peripheral like the PS4 Camera or PS Move controller won't have this function.

This means that you can keep playing your PS4 games directly through your PS Vita, so if someone else in your household wants to watch TV, you can keep playing! And because the PS4 is doing all the processing work, you won't notice any drop in the quality of gameplay or graphics, meaning you will still get the same console experience on your handheld - although the screen will be smaller, of course! On top of all this, many games will allow your PS Vita to be used as a second controller!

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Network and the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation Network will continue to offer a wealth of online content, with many features carrying over from the existing PSN model experienced on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

You will continue to use the same PSN account, including your username and avatar, and you'll still maintain the same control over who sees your personal details. However, there are some big changes on PlayStation 4. The Xcross Media Bar will become the PlayStation Dynamic Menu, with a customisable layout that will let you manage your downloads, show you what your friends are doing and even learn your likes and dislikes. Plus, you'll now be able to have up to 2000 friends, and Party Chat will enable you to, well, chat to multiple friends at once, even if you're not playing the same games.

The biggest change for PSN on PS4 is that a PlayStation Plus subscription will now be required to play games online. However, this is the only feature that will now require a subscription - streaming TV and movies, party chat, and playing Free-to-Play games online will still remain free.

PlayStation Network will also allow you to access your online account on any PS4. So even if you're not at home, you can log in to any PlayStation 4 and download any games you have purchased from the PlayStation Store and play them wherever you are and there's no limit on the number of systems you can use, letting you play on your account almost everywhere you go!

You'll still be able to continue enjoying a host of entertainment services, too, from on-demand TV services like Netflix, to social media like Facebook and YouTube, and much more. Look out for exclusive, original content with programming from SONY Pictures Entertainment, while new streaming services Music Unlimited and Movies Unlimited will also be available at launch.

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The SHARE button on DUALSHOCK 4

The Dualshock 4 Controller's new SHARE button lets you share your great gameplay moments with the world quickly and easily. Rewind the last few minutes of gameplay, tag what you want to share, and it'll upload as you return to the game!

You can even stream your gameplay live to Ustream, complete with picture-in-picture live commentary if you really feel like showing off! Or you can edit your gameplay, creating HD walkthroughs of your favourite titles that can be shared via social media and become the next community sensation.

And just because you're away from your console, the sharing doesn't end. Not only can you access your PSN account on any other PS4 console, the new PlayStation App for mobile and tablet devices will let you chat with friends, watch videos and share tips wherever you are.

PlayStation 4 - Share the Fun instantly
PlayStation TV

Stream your games and movies!

With PlayStation TV you can stream your games and movies from your PlayStation 4 to another TV, meaning you don't need to argue over the TV any more.

PlayStation TV is easy to set up and easy to use, just set up PlayStation TV with the TV you'll be using, register it to your PlayStation 4 to enable remote play, pair a DualShock 4 and you're done. Now you can take control of your PlayStation 4 and play away from the console.

You can access all the content installed to the PlayStation 4 and play discs that are sat in the disc drive. Also with PlayStation TV you can play compatible PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS One games on the big screen.