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Persona 4: Arena - out Now!

It's Persona vs. Persona in Persona 4: Arena for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

This sequel to the acclaimed Persona 4 sees the story continue in a whole new way - as a fighting game! Investigating Teddie's disappearance from Inaba, you'll discover his new life announcing the P-1 Grand Prix fighting tournament! In this clash to see who the Ultimate Persona User is, you'll battle it out with 13 characters who each boast their own stylised fighting styles which combining effects from the original game like poison, paralysis and fear.

As well as the main story, presented through new anime sequences written by the Persona Team, there are a host of other modes to enjoy, including Training to hone your skills, Score Attack where you'll battle tough opponents to gain the highest score and Network that will see you pitting your skills against the world.

Enter the arena and order Persona 4: Arena today!

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