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Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympics

Mario and Sonic are legends in their own games - and now they're legends at the Olympic Games!

If you're yet to join Mario, Sonic and friends at the Olympics, then you're missing out on dozens of fun sport-based games that will bring out the competitive streak in every armchair athlete! Sporting challenges of all kinds, from track and field to gymnastics, aquatics and equestrian events await, each given a fun twist when you play as - or against - Mario, Sonic, Tail, Bowser and more!

With a range of titles available, the highs of the Beijing, London and Winter Olympics can be recreated at home on Wii or 3DS, with a host of gaming options for multiplayer and single player. Whether you want to have fun playing together or want to smash some records on your own, there are plenty of ways to go for gold.

Nintendo's unique controls help to make each sport a little different - and a little more challenging! From blowing into your 3DS to keep afloat in the swimming to swinging your Wii remote for the hammer toss, these are games that will test as many of your own skills as the Olympics themselves!

On your marks... get set... and join Mario & Sonic at the Olympics today!

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