Euro GAME Replay

Euro GAME Replay

We've already seen Spain lift the trophy, but that doesn't mean it's all over for Euro 2012!

Here at GAME HQ, we've decided to make the Euros last as long as possible by re-staging the entire tournament ourselves using the Euro 2012 Expansion Pack for FIFA 12.

16 of our most passionate (or easily-led, or easily-distracted) staffers have pooled together to recreate the tournament from the group stage to the knockouts and, ultimately, the final. We even did a proper draw to see who was playing as who - which you can see in the video below!

All the action from the tournament will be right here, with coverage also cropping up on Facebook and Twitter (yes, we're taking it that seriously!). So keep checking back to see how everyone's getting on, for the best goals, highlights and interviews from the matches, and how our version of Euro 2012 compares with the real thing!

And why not get involved yourself? The Euro 2012 Expansion Pack is still available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, so join us in reliving the action from Poland-Ukraine, hopefully with a better outcome for whoever you support!

See the Euro 2012 GAME Replay Group Stage

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