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The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us (PS3)
IGN Rating

Release Date - 14/06/2013

The critically acclaimed The Last of Us has arrived on PlayStation 3, with creators Naughty Dog delivering a genre-defining experience that combines action and survival like never before.

A pandemic has decimated humanity. The world is struggling to survive. And at the centre of this are Ellie, a teenage girl, and Joel, the hardened survivor hired to smuggle her out of the quarantine zone and across America. As they travel, you'll encounter a stunningly-realised America that has been reclaimed by nature, and take the characters on an emotional journey as long and fraught as their cross-country trek.

As well as a gripping storyline and a immersive multiplayer modes, The Last of Us boasts new AI that constantly adapts during combat, but in this bleak future survival isn't just about fighting enemies, it's about scavenging the things you need to live day-to-day.

Experience what many are calling the greatest game ever and order The Last of Us today!

The Last Of Us Screenshot 01 The Last Of Us Screenshot 02 The Last Of Us Screenshot 03 The Last Of Us Screenshot 04 The Last Of Us Screenshot 05 The Last Of Us Screenshot 06 The Last Of Us Screenshot 07 The Last Of Us Screenshot 08 The Last Of Us Screenshot 09 The Last Of Us Screenshot 10

A masterpiece of storytelling, engineering and gameplay with a mature attitude and serious, stripped-back style. It makes Uncharted look like child's play, and the competition look silly. Put simply, it's one of the best games of its generation. read more

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